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Vinyl pools feature a liner that is custom-made to fit swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. The design possibilities are unlimited. For those that desire a freeform shape or if there is limited access to the backyard, a vinyl swimming pool is a great choice. We provide exquisite vinyl liners that come in a wide variety of patterns to choose from.

Vinyl liners are durable and can be customized
The smooth, non-abrasive surface cushions the feet
Installation costs are typically lower
Easy to clean and maintain

mcewenYour vinyl swimming pool will be constructed on site so that you have the ability to custom configure the pool's depth. For those that plan to have a diving board, this is also an advantage. We will construct you pool to regulation so that it is completely safe for diving. You'll also be able to have a larger swimming pool.

Once the foundation is laid and the walls are constructed, it is time to install the vinyl liner. To make your liner fit perfectly, we vacuum seal the liner into the pool's structure. This method gives the pool a smooth and luxurious finish, as though it were painted on.

After the liner is installed and the water is added, it is important that you not drain your pool. The water in the pool provides the weight necessary to keep the liner smooth and in place. If you were to drain the water from your pool it could cause the vinyl liner to shift or bubble up.

To ensure the longevity of your vinyl liner we recommend that you check regularly for rips and tears. If you happen to notice a leak in your liner, the leak can be easily patched with patching glue that we provide. For those that are concerned about further damage to liner, our pool specialists will be able to patch and seal any leaks and repair any tears to prevent further damage.