Why is it Best to Plan Your Pool Construction in Winter?

Why is it Best to Plan Your Pool Construction in Winter?

Swimming pools and winter are not two things you’d often put together. Swimming pools, for the most part, are associated with fun in the sun; pool parties, Spring Break, backyard barbecues, Memorial Day parties and general summer leisure time. However, in order to enjoy your own personal pool, you’ve got to build it first, and it’s smart to start your planning in winter. Let Master Pools of Wilmington tell you why.

Permits take time

You can’t expect to get anywhere with your pool project without the right permits, and obtaining those permits can be a lengthy process. So, it’s wise to get ahead of the game by applying for those permits in winter – many people wait until spring to apply for pool building permits, so pool builders will be very busy. To avoid a long wait, get your application in fast.

If your area has a Homeowners’ Association (HOA), you may need to get approval from them, too, before proceeding.

It pays to be prepared

Think about it – if you wait until spring or summer to start the process, what happens if you hit a snag? Lengthy delays could mean that your pool isn’t built until Fall or even winter, and by that time you’ve missed out on peak pool time. By starting early, you can account for any potential problems that may occur, leaving some days in the bank to protect you from delays and hitches.

Landscaping opportunities

As well as the pool itself, planning ahead allows you to get a headstart on any landscaping ideas you might have. You can plant your shrubs, your trees and other greenery when you start your pool planning, and they’ll be in full bloom in summer when you’re enjoying a dip in your perfect pool.

Swim in Summer

Make the most out of the summer sun and be the envy of your less-organized neighbors with your fully-built pool. If you don’t make the call to the pool builder quickly enough, you might find yourself at the back of the line, wishing your pool was ready for you to dive into.

There are many reasons for planning ahead with your pool, from saving time to making the most of your summer. Don’t hesitate; get the ball rolling on your swimming pool ASAP.

As part of the Master Pools Guild, Master Pools of Wilmington are your experts in pool building, no matter what kind of pool you want. From infinity pools to freeform pools, we know what makes the perfect swimming pool, so get in touch with us today and let’s get started.


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